Roadside Icons
Free Range Hot Rod Blues
Flipside Abyss
Imperfect Positive
Season of Frequency
Rockefeller Centering
Half Life
Shine On (You Crazy A-Hole)
Jesus & the Wayward Man
Hungry Snake Blues







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MacDonalds and Mobil Gas married at the hip

Golden Arches, Red Pegasus up and down the strip

Mary had her medicine, but still needed a fix

She went high-octane and quarter pound, and really took a trip!

I cry at my roadside icons

I cry at my roadside icons

The billboards dream of larger schemes, we're moving at a clip

My eyeballs are burning, No-Doze does the trick

Gas-Food-Lodging, we're hungry for it

The carcass of the highway is split and split!


Look at little Sally, scarfing down Big Boy's

Look at Tom O'Malley, flipping through Play Boys

Look at Employee 264, cursing silently as he mops the floor

Welcome to the rest stop, same as before

The highway eats its young, more and more!

Here we go, we go again SUICIDE DOORS!

Here we drive, we drive again SUICIDE DOORS!

Here we take, we take again SUICIDE DOORS!

The road is our anthem-- MORTE, POR FAVOR!


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C'mon baby, with the smoke stack eyes

Let's get together and align

Sing the garbage hymn most high

Skim this world of its' jive...

C'mon baby, with the desolate face

Take me to that shining place

We got a highway we can ride

Let's strap in and abide...

C'mon baby, sure, the miles are piled

We'll leave them clean as a Sunday child

Got our transmissions running wild

Let's just idle for awhile.....GO!

C'mon baby, let's motorvate

Chase our fates across these states

Make a map of our taste

Shift our way through this waste...

C'mon baby, the Great Outdoors

Ikea, Target, Borders

Every stop in my four door

Looks the same as before...

C'mon baby, I don't know about you

But I'm through driving on cue

Freedom of choice, no room to refuse

That's the Free Range Hot Rod Blues.....


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I saw myself in a photograph

A future stolen from the past

Saw my Shroud of Turin

As it was occurring

Emulsion, revulsion Took my compulsion

Emulsion, revulsion Froze it in motion!

I saw myself in a photograph

A scene that screamed, 'This can't last'

Saw a thawed fever dream

Saw us trapped in-between

Emulsion, revulsion End this devotion

Emulsion, revulsion To a lost notion!

I saw myself in a photograph

A still-life filled with aftermath

Saw my skin cast in stone

Saw my smile turn to bone

The Flesh Polaroid is peeling

What is it revealing?

A burn victim reeling

Second-degree feeling

I'm broken-boned, kneeling

I'm my own glass ceiling

Past the point of healing

The film is unreeling....

Why do I try--to get outside?

This picture of bliss, this

Thing that I've missed,

This flipside abyss, this....


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I give my attention

to all the manners of deception

I draw the threads to me

And make a cloak of accidents

And when I look up in the sky

I don't want to know about a here or why

Because I am Imperfection I am IMPERFECTION!

So I envision some indecision

Right about now, I'm hitting the pause

Now I am living inside this friction

Burning with my fatal flaws

And when I look up in the sky

I don't see very far or wide

Because I am Imperfection I am IMPERFECTION


You told me, you scold me

A teacher's pet, shorn of fur

You hold me, you mold me

Raising me up from the dirt

But I can't stand direction

I'm trapped in conception

Because I am Imperfection I am IMPERFECTION


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It started with the smallest of faults

A steady urgent tone amidst the tumult

It was the hour, it was the time

A signal breaking through from the other side

It led me to an open door

Said step right through if you want some more

Because it was the season of frequency

When you can see all there is to see

Stripping the illusions from me

In the season of frequency

I tripped the Glitch Fantastic

Saw the flesh beneath the plastic

Saw the bones picked clean

Saw the hidden god inside the machine

I burned with clarity

So why was I screaming, "Leave me be?!"

Because it was the season of frequency

It's always happening to me

Thought I was being set free

But my illusions were me!

So I took a taxi, took a ride

Williamsburg Bridge, to the other side

Tried to find the real in the city scene

But it was all just a Disney dream

Tired eyes want to repent

Call this ugly truth an accident

But I am seeking frequency--

Seeing through this reality

And I talk to no one but I must go on

And I can tell no one that I'm under my own gun

Because way too frequently

The lies start to see through me

I am seeking frequency

Please, please, give it to me

I am seeking frequency

Please, please, give it to me

I am seeking frequency

Please, God, give it to me!


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I am walking through these streets where the shit and saphires meet

And I'm--feeling the strain

I am steam-boat weaving through these crowds corrupt and breeding

And I'm--going insane

I am pummelled under by this artificial thunder

And it's--really a shame

That I can't get out from this spreading human grout

That's--seals my pain

I'm going down,

But I can't touch the ground

I smile a frown

Cuz I'm--going DOWN!

I am trophy-hunting through this disconnected shunting

From--frame to frame

There's an uptown matron, and there's a homeless wasteling

Whose--brain's in flames

It's eye for an eye and I bargained my pride,

So--who's to blame?

If I'm a part of this instant art

that's--hitting the drain

I'm going down

Me and this town

A Babylon merry-go-round

Going DOWN!


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I am here, and yet I'm not

I'm in Japan, I'm an astronaut

I am Polyurethane

Witness Protection has changed my name

I am disembodied, it's my hobby, Where's my body?

I've misplaced it, so replace it!

I am shucking jiving, always faking, cell phone-shell game-playing...

Face it, I'm going places!

I'm in every time slot

A nouveau toxic forget-me-not

I split the cost with God's domain

Now line up to feel my pain

I'm a bi-polar, globe-trotter niche-seeking fucker--

Taste, yeah, I erase it!

Like a lamb to the slaughter, I have tasted Zeus' daughter

Face it, I'm tainted!

I'm the sum of all my parts

I feed the need, hit Restart

I strip these malls, then proclaim

All them chained to my name

I'm the itchy fingered fevered lust you wish could linger

Face it, I'm contagious!

I'm so wired, I'm on fire, an impulse buyers' funeral pyre

Oh yeah, you'll take it!

I am Megalopolis,

Spit out from Heaven's dust

I'm so in, I'm out of frame

You do my work, but in your name

I am walking, talking, walking, talking, walking, talking...

I'm the Big Man, The BIG MAN!

I am walking, talking, always walking, always talking...

I'm the Big Man The Big Man



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(© Bill Haley & the Comets)

Fractured! Fractured!

That music fractures me!

When I was just a little kid

A real gone beat did flip my lid

Well, now I'm older, and a little bolder

And I go, I'm gone, I'm gonna keep going


It tears me up and it knocks me down

It makes my head go round and round

I close my eyes, so I can't see

Whenever that music fractures me


Well, when that band gets in the groove

Me and my chick, we start to move

Rocking to the left, and rocking to the right

Rocking and a-stomping, all day and all night

Now, when they holler that, Go Cat, Go!

You can't be fast and you can't be slow

You pick up your feet and you follow on through

Doing whatever you want to do!



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There is a schism in my life

There is a rhythm I'm denied

There's something missing deep inside

That's why I'm living a half-life...

Half-Life! My self on the shelf!

Half-Life! Comatose remote!

Half-Life--I look at what I'm feeling

Like a scab I'm always peeling!

So, I could say I'm crying inside

But that's a lie, I'm barren and dry

So why don't you stay for the night

I could be half a man if I tried

Half-Life! Your radium heat!

Half-Life! I could never reach!

Half-Life---There's nothing in this skin

I'm just a ghost dropping in!

Half-Life! I've scorched the earth!

Half-Life! Clear cut my worth!

Half-Life--I'm outside looking in

On some unoriginal sin!

Half-Life! Don't come too close!

Half-Life! I've measured the dose!

Half-Life---Here's my decay

Hop right in, I'll drive you away!


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Well, I started talking, but the suits were gawking

At my piercings and my latest tatts

Yeah, I'm pre-fab, with washboard abs

And Hitler kissing Elvis on my ass

Well, now I've proven I get the kids moving

On just some left-over scraps

Do I drink Coke or Pepsi? That starts a feeding frenzy

Sure, I'll have fries with that

Cuz I'm a Rock Star! (repeat)

Telling lies on the telephone-- Why don't you just leave me alone?

Guess I'm just your stepping stone-- Go ahead and throw me a bone!

Well, I sell out Wall-Mart ,and that's just a start

I'm slamming to the Extreme after that

I want an ostrich boa straight from Somoa

And babe, y'know, I want it stat

Yeah, my face is down-loading, my band is imploding

And guess what? I'm on the crack

I think I'll make a movie where I play a groovy

Cop who dresses in drag


Got an infomercial on TV-- So you know, I got that going for me.

I'll throw in my CD for free-- I'm selling off what's left of me!)



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It's worth a shot, a shot in the arm

You need a fire to spread an alarm

So take my word, but not very far

It's worth a wound to wear a scar

And when you're walking through the night

And nothing ever seems quite right

You can't face the sights, can't stand the sounds

Can't find any common ground

Shine on, shine on-- For the stars up above

Shine on, shine on-- For the wolves and the doves

Shine on, shine on-- For the pumping of the blood

Cuz that has got to be enough!

Today was like any other day

Bright and sunny--or was it kind of grey?

Once it's gone, who can really say?

It's just a debt that you had to pay

And when you're walking through the night

Trapped in the back-end of hindsight

Could have been better, maybe it was worse

Can't tell a blessing from a curse

Shine on, shine on-- For the stars up above

Shine on, shine on-- For the wolves and the doves

Shine on, shine on-- The wound is your hymn

And that is where you begin!

Shine on, shine on-- For a new kind of grief

Shine on, shine on-- Your gift to the thief

Shine on, shine on-- But always say

You can't take this day away!!

Shine on, shine on-- For the stars up above

Shine on, shine on-- For the wolves and the doves

Shine on, shine on-- Through the thunderous blood, we...

Shine on, shine on-- SHINE ON, SHINE ON!!


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Jesus and the wayward man

They just don't understand

Got to get yourself a car-load

Hit on the open road

Hang up that cell-phone

Get out there on your own

Jesus and the wayward man

Rented a mini-van

They drove the host from coast-to-coast

They lay the lamb in the road

And the blood, it did corrode

And they got some fries to go

(beget, beget, beget, beget...)

Jesus and the wayward man

Now they finally understand

If you found that you've froze

In the headlights of your soul

Well, lay your lamb down real low

Give it up to the hungry road...


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I pick my way through this trash piling

I'm your resident slithering thing

I'm the worst brand of medicine

Why don't you let me in?

I'm full of spite and rancor

I'm every nasty thought you ever had before

I put the "who" in whore

And all you've got to do is open that door

Well, I'm the preacher-feature, the best question

Let me taste your particular sin

I sell them around here by the bin

With just a hint of cinnamon

God is your absentee landlord

I saw him in a blank billboard

Labeled at the bottom, "Infinity"

So now I know what you're buying to see!

I'll see you I'll be you I'll free you I'll eat you...




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